Media and entertainment companies are being impacted by several emerging trends such as digitalization, multi-platform content consumption and the omnipresence of social media. In addition, the proliferation of connected devices has led to data being generated in immense volumes. Organizations are now striving to manage and analyze this data to extract actionable insights. They are increasingly looking to embrace tech modernization while simultaneously focusing on their relationship with customers.

In response, HCL has designed its digitalization services to enable technology-led transformation of business processes. Our services for digital media firms have the ability to bolster customer relationships and build future-ready infrastructure that allows a single view of data across the organization.

We are a one-stop partner for our customers when it comes to digitalization. Our ‘Collaborative Digital Enterprise’ model spans every facet of our customers’ requirements, from supply chain optimization to end-to-end cloud-based models. Our ALT ASM TM framework uses a “proactive obsolescence” approach to help clients minimize operational costs while maximizing revenue.

Our deep domain expertise and micro-vertical strategy help craft domain-specific solutions for media and entertainment enterprises:

  • Publishing - newspapers and magazines, education, and business information services
  • New media - broadcasting, cable, and music
  • Lifestyle - gaming, hospitality, and sports and leisure

We have over 10 IPs and frameworks in this sector to help our clients optimize their value chains. Our Digital Media & Publishing Lab offers cutting-edge solutions to simplify several operational aspects:

  • Content life-cycle management
  • Digital rights management
  • Access and entitlement
  • Digital asset management
  • Collaborative environments
  • Cross-media advertisement management
  • Vertical search

In the last 10 years, we have collaborated with four top-tier publishing companies, two gaming solution giants, three global music conglomerates and two leading casinos. Currently, we are ranked as a leader among publishing IT service providers in India.

Business Segments

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Media & Broadcasting
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Publishing & Education
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Gaming & Entertainment

Evolving economic, geographic, and technology trends in the Casino and Gaming industry are propelling a pan-industry overhaul. The US market is grappling with a certain stagnation, while casinos in Europe are fighting stringent tax and regulatory controls. Asia, on the other hand, is fast transforming into a key growth segment. With land-based casinos incapable of driving revenues, online gaming is becoming a key focus area, shifting the larger direction for the industry. As contemporary firms embrace digitalization, HCL’s Casino and Gaming Practice helps consumers manage this transition. Our new-age services such as personalization, rights management, mobility, advertising, content management and search engine optimization help in fortifying customer relations and boost profitability.

Recently, we partnered with the world’s largest casino operator and helped improve their operational efficiency by implementing electronic solutions, capable of recording game performance. Furthermore, the CRA penalties have been reduced by 10% and the operational costs are down by nearly 25%.


Digital and Analytics

Our Digital & Analytics services helps design and build key platform components of customers’ Digital-Technology-Footprint ™ to power the Digital transformation journey. Read More


At IoT WoRKS TM , we help create entirely new services that deliver measurable business outcomes. These experience will have an increasing role in differentiating enterprises and enable them to become a next-generation enterprise. Read More

Application Services

Our Applications business is structured around 11 integrated horizontal capabilities, allowing us to offer clients a full lifecycle of systems integration consulting services and a unified approach to developing the right solutions for their business needs. Read More


DRYiCE TM is an artificial intelligence-driven automation platform. It consists of machine learning components, automation modules, orchestration components, well-proven monitoring tools, knowledge management, and a reporting layer. Read More

Infrastructure Services

Our Infrastructure Management Services has some of the most impressive credentials in the IT Vendor landscape. We have not only executed complex global IT transformation exercises but also helped run efficient IT services for more than 300 of the world’s leading companies. Read More

Engineering and R&D services

We are one of the world’s leading and fastest growing global engineering services provider. From product blueprinting to support, from software or hardware to mechanical, we work with more than half of the top 100 R&D engineering companies across the world. Read More



iMRO® is SAP's Enterprise Asset Management Add-on for maintenance, repair, and overhaul/operations (MRO). Built by HCL for S/4HANA,it offers a comprehensive range of functionality across the six core MRO process areas of customer engagement, maintenance engineering, scheduling, operations, supply chain, and support.

Base90 Aerospace

BASE90: HCL’s Base90 Aerospace Company for S/4 solution reduces risk, time, and cost for companies evaluating SAP ERP as a potential enterprise solution or extending their existing SAP footprint. Built by experts, Base90 extends SAP’s technology by adding SAP industry-specific preconfigured templates, configuration, and enhancements.


HCL’s Intelligent Supply Chain Management (iSCM) is a portfolio of solutions to improve forecasting accuracy, optimize inventory levels, enable real time visibility of extended supply chain, and manufacturing operations with a seamless synchronization between demand and fulfillment.



HCL architects News Corp’s Cloud Transformation

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Our partnerships allow us to combine each other's strengths, and use this synergy to help our customers quickly implement and efficiently operate the latest in IT infrastructure. Our large network of partners allows us to deliver solutions tailor-made for each of our customers.